You have always dreamed of having a house in Ghana, or you just happened to end up in this beautiful country. But you like Ghana so much that you want to build a house here. It happens more often than you think! During my work, I meet all kinds of people, and therefore also people who build in Ghana. Since I am now a Ghana veteran, I am often asked for (construction) advice. For anyone who is building in Ghana while not living here, I have some tips. In this article, I will list the most important 3 tips.

Building in Ghana, thanks to et actively helping during the construction of the guesthouse I have amassed a lot of knowledge
Thanks to actively helping during the construction of Moon&Star guesthouse and keeping my eyes open, I have gained a lot of knowledge.

Tip 1: Arrange all the paperwork before you start building in Ghana

Plots in Ghana are very popular. And it happens more often that the same plot of land is sold to different people. Make sure that when you buy building land, all papers are in order. In addition, you also need a building permit in Ghana, so arrange it as well.

Tip 2: Make sure you have money to build in Ghana

Building is an expensive business. Make sure you have enough money! The construction costs also depend on location. Both the land price and the costs for workers are lower outside the cities.

Since land is very popular in Ghana, when you buy land you get an allocation form in most cases. This indicates the period within which you must start building. Usually, this is 1 or 2 years. When you spend all your money buying the building land, but you can’t start building. Then you’ll have a problem in 1 or 2 years. The chief may even decide to resell your land.

Tip 3: Learn to trust the way of building in Ghana

People build differently in Ghana than how you are used to back home. Does this mean it’s worse? No, of course not. The same materials are not available here more often and the professionals really know what they are doing. Having said that, I don’t want to say you can’t ask or discuss anything. But give credit to the people you work with.

When you want to interfere with every detail, the builders get the idea that you don’t trust them. When your client or employer constantly watches every step you take, does this motivate you?
When you let the workers do their job, you build a bond of trust with them. That trust ensures that the workers are more motivated to go the extra mile for you.

Bonus tip: Be flexible and not too strict as you build your home in Ghana

When you expect pure perfection, or everything exactly as you want in your hometown, you can. You will pay for that and you may have to ship some things to Ghana. Building is already stressful and when you want everything perfect, it becomes even more stressful.
If you are a bit more flexible and look for alternatives to what you want together with the local people, you will be amazed at what is possible while building in Ghana. In addition, building is less stressful and more sustainable!

What I can do for you while you’re building in Ghana

A few years ago I had guests at Moon&Star guesthouse who are building their house in our area. The construction didn’t go smoothly and they asked me if I knew any professionals. Of course, I did, so I put them in touch. In the end, these people asked me to oversee the entire construction. That is how this started.

For these people, I am the bridge between the workers and themselves. I understand what you want to build, but I also know what the possibilities are here in Ghana. When you are building in the Ashanti region I would also like to help you in this way.
If you build outside the Ashanti region, I can certainly give advice, but not oversee the work for you. The same goes for helping with the paperwork. I can advise you and sort things out for you, but I’m not going to take care of the paperwork for you.

In addition, I also help people find professionals. For example, the other day, someone wanted hanging sliding doors, but her right hand in Ghana couldn’t find anyone who could make the type of sliding doors she wanted. I knew someone and now the sliding doors are hanging!

Are you building in Ghana or do you have plans to do so and do you want me to help you?

Feel free to send me an email or schedule a non-binding orientation talk. Don’t feel burdened to make an appointment. I’m happy to help you and I’m happy to get to know you! Here you can read a little more about me.

This is what some of my clients say about my services

We hereby attest to the thoroughness, professionalism and great adaptability of Mrs. Patricia ZOER.We discovered the services of Mrs Patricia ZOER after having lost 3 years with another service provider. (Slow work, opaque and difficult communication, despite a constant financial contribution).
To our great delight, we decided to work with her.
After more than two years of collaboration, we can only be delighted with our choice.
Mrs. Patricia ZOER shows :
A very precise rigour which is expressed as much in the management of the funds entrusted to her, the choice of materials, the quality of the work, as in the logical development of the site.
A great flexibility to adapt to our wishes and our financial capacity.
In addition, Mrs Patricia ZOER, reports to us in almost real time, with photos, on the situation of the site.

It seems useful to us to specify that since November 2019; taking into account the current sanitary consequences; Mrs. Patricia ZOER ensures the total management of the building site, which advances consequently.

building in Ghana testimonial
original testimonial Mr Daniel Blanchinet

We discovered Madame Patricia ZOER’s services after having lost 3 years with another service provider. (Slow work, opaque and difficult communication, despite constant financial support).
We have now been working with Madame Patricia ZOER for more than 2 years. Beyond offering a rigorous and documented service (regular updates on the progress of the work with supporting photos, anticipation of potential issues and difficulties, adaptability of the progress according to the funds), she is a real ally who helps us and allows us to have an initial contact with our future neighbours. In addition, it offers quality accommodation, which favours
our integration into the region,
In other words, we can only recommend her services as this meeting and collaboration has changed our experience of Ghana.

19 January 2021

Daniel Blanchinet