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I organise and guide group trips for schools, churches and institutions

Customised Experience Ghana group tours

Experiencing is key to the group trips through Ghana that I organise and guide for schools, churches and other institutions. The Experience Ghana group tours are customised. I take  the preferences and of course the budget of the trip into account. We can organise the tour together, but if you prefer to leave the planning up to me, that is also fine.
I have 20 years of travel experience in Ghana and over the past 10 years I have organised numerous tours.

Would you like to travel through Ghana, but you are not with a group? Then I would like to refer you to the website of Moon&Star guesthouse.


What is an Experience Ghana tour?

Experiencing is the focus of a tailor-made trip by the Ghana coach. That sounds nice, but what do I mean by that?

An experience Ghana tour is a journey through Ghana that is designed according to your wishes, the duration of the trip and the budget.

When the purpose of the trip is to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the local people, we take more time to get to know them.

Do you want to see as much natural beauty as possible during the tour, visit a monkey village, see elephants and climb mountains? Alright then we will arrange that!

If the trip is a retreat, workation or teambuilding experience then we will enjoy the flexibility that Moon&Star guesthouse can offer us. The surroundings of this spacious, small-scale guesthouse are beautiful and very suitable for hiking. Excursions to waterfalls, nature parks, craft villages and the city of Kumasi are also possible. We start and end the journey at the coast.

During the tour we take the time to take in what we see. We don’t rush through the country from one tourist attraction to another. We travel mainly with local transport. We stay at small-scale accommodations and get in contact with the locals. Workshops are included in the planning and there is room to play football with the local youth, for example.


Let me help you organise a fantastic experience Ghana tour!

Patricia, Ghana coach in deuropening

It is my mission to give the group a great Ghana experience, so that after the trip they have the feeling that they have gotten to know the beautiful country, the people and their customs a little bit.

Besides that we are going to enjoy the many impressions, the beautiful surroundings, delicious food and the interaction with each other and the Ghanaians to the fullest.


Frequently asked questions



What is the ideal duration of the experience Ghana tour?

It depends on what the purpose of the journey is. Is it a retreat or workation, do you want to see as much of Ghana as possible or do you prefer to go in-depth at one location?
When you would like to see as much of Ghana as possible, the tour will take 3 weeks. But from 8 days on I can also plan a wonderful travel experience.

Do we need a visa for Ghana?

Yes, you need to apply for a visa at the embassy of your home country. Of course I will provide the necessary invitation documents.

Do we need vaccinations for Ghana?

Yes, the yellow fever vaccination is compulsory.

What is the price of an Experience Ghana trip?

This depends very much on the duration of the tour and the itinerary. Please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to make you a quotation for the trip.

Is a Experience Ghana tour a good fit for everyone?

No. I organise the experience Ghana tours according to my vision. I really want the participants to experience authentic Ghana.
The trips are active and we spend the night at small-scale sustainable accommodations, which are neat and have a fan, but usually no air conditioning.

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