Volunteering in Ghana: Experience, enjoy and explore!

You would like to travel for a while, see a little more of the world. But also really being part of another culture. Learning how to live in other places in the world. And you would also like to do something good at the same time.

Take your chance to experience, learn and be part of the community in Ghana in a sustainable way with volunteering via Ghana coach!

While you are committed to the Banko women center, you are part of the local community. Find out what it’s like to live for a period of time in this African country. Furthermore, you will get acquainted with the Ghanaian cuisine and you will of course see more of the amazing environment!



Volunteering abroad is seen in a rather negative light. And since volunteering has become an entire industry, I completely understand that. But did you know that it can be done differently?

Volunteer in a sustainable way!

I understand that you want to see some of the world, but that when you travel you don’t get the chance to be part of the community.

Volunteering via Ghana coach enables you as a traveler to experience, explore and to immerse yourself in another culture based on equality, so that there is no negative impact for the population of Banko and the projects that Ghana coach supports in particular.

All sounds nice, but how?
Because I listen to the local authorities, and the Ghanaian people involved in the Banko Women center. I, and you as a volunteer too, facilitate and strengthen, but we do not take over the project!



Good preparation

In preparation for the experience, you will receive the digital workbook ‘Get to know Ghana’ and you will go through an online volunteering course. This preparation ensures that you will convert your good intentions into positive impact. This also ensures that you contribute to the sustainability of the project!

I think transparency in the organization is extremely important

Did you know that my first trip to Ghana 20 years ago was also for volunteer work? I came with an expensive organization, mainly because I thought it would be well organized. That was quite disappointing and what I found the worst was that most of the costs paid did not go to Ghana at all. The partner organization in Ghana was not well paid and the host family received almost nothing. While they took super good care of me. I thought that was very unfair.

I want to do something good in Africa

As a volunteer at the Banko Women center you do not pay for volunteering!

You pay for your accommodation and 3 tasty meals a day. Sponsorship money is spent directly on the projects in the women’s centre. There is no profit model behind volunteering in Ghana via Ghana coach.

Great accommodation during your volunteer work in Ghana

As a volunteer you usually stay in your own room with bathroom in Moon&Star guesthouse. On site you will find many beautiful places to relax: in the gardens, on the terrace and in the woods.

Team Moon&Star cooks delicious food for you, both from Ghanaian and European cuisine and we try to incorporate your preferences into the menu as much as possible. Vegetarian or gluten-free cooking is no problem!

You can come by yourself as a volunteer. When you come alone you can integrate more easily and you will experience Ghana even more. This does not mean that you are always with the same people in the guesthouse. In normal times there are plenty of other travelers with whom you can hang out. Also team Moon&Star is always there for you!

What does volunteering at Banko women center entail?

Banko Women center is an initiative of the Dutch foundation ‘Crossing borders for Ghana’, Moon&Star guesthouse and Ghana coach.

.The women center focuses on improving the situation and empowering women in a local area, located in Banko, Ghana. We want to achieve this by providing a reliable and safe place for women to meet, learn, discuss and sell.

Last year we started the establishment of the training center. Here, women from Banko will be trained in classical professions with the aim of enabling full and equal participation of women in political, civil, economic, social and cultural life.
The first project, the sewing workshop, has been successfully started after which we are now focusing on establishing a hair salon where the women will be trained to become hairdressers.


We can use your help with fundraising in combination with creating social media content. With fundraising you can think of applying for grants and setting up sponsor campaigns. As a volunteer with us you work independently, the rest of the team is busy with other tasks.
If you have done a certain training or have a lot of experience in a certain area, we would of course like to hear that.
As mentioned, there is room for a few volunteers. So if you want to come with someone else, that’s no problem!
In your free time there is plenty of room to discover beautiful Ghana.
In our immediate vicinity you can hike very well and there is a swimming pool within walking distance!


Volunteer Cecilia with Doris, Patricia and Comfort at Banko Women center in Ghana

What are the costs and is there a minimum length of stay?

Because you want to make a positive impact as a volunteer in Ghana, it is important that you also take the time to do so. The minimum stay for volunteers is 4 weeks But if you really want to experience life in a Ghanaian village, we recommend a stay of at least 8 weeks.

The accommodation costs are € 85.00 per week and the costs for the preparation program (E book and an online course) are € 45.00.

So for a month of room and board plus the preparation for volunteering in Ghana you pay € 410.00. Each additional week of stay costs €85,00.


Possibility for extra guidance and airport service

I understand that it can be exciting to travel and volunteer in a place you don’t know.

That is why I offer the possibility of extra guidance before departure and during your stay!

The extra guidance includes:

  • Help and guidance with the visa application
  • Airport service
  • Accommodation in Accra
  • Travel to the project in Banko
  • Guidance during the trip to Banko
  • Extra guidance during your stay, like extra explanations about transport, trips and in general.

The costs for this extra guidance are € 389.00. With extra guidance, the costs for 1 month’s stay during the volunteer work are € 799.00. Each additional week of stay costs €85,00


Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I read more about the Banko Women Center?

Follow this link to learn more about Banko Women Center

How do I know that if I need extra guidance?

There are a number of indicators such as;
When you don't have much independent travel experience.
When you find it very exciting to travel to Banko yourself.

You can make a Zoom appointment with me so that we can see together what you need! 
Make an appointment

Can I talk to you before I book my stay?

Yes! An introductory meeting will follow after you have completed the form. Do you want to make an appointment right away? Then click on this link.

When I come to do volunteer work via Ghana coach am I taking the job of a Ghanaian?

No, as a volunteer at Banko Women center you are mainly involved in fundraising. This strengthens the local women!


As a volunteer you come to Ghana to experience, learn and experience. It is your experience, we do our best to make this experience as special as possible. The costs incurred for your living expenses must be covered. But you don’t pay for the volunteer work.

For which age group is the volunteer work you offer?

From the age of 17 you are welcome as a volunteer Banko Women Center. For the past 9 years I have hosted volunteers from 17 to 68 together with team Moon&Star. An open attitude and a sustainable attitude ultimately have nothing to do with age!

What should I bring for the locals?

In principle, you can buy everything the locals need in Ghana, usually cheaper than abbroad. And when you buy locally, you stimulate the local economy! Read more about what to bring to Ghana in the Ebook you receive, with packing list!

Am I going to be very busy during my stay?

When you come to volunteer, you can organize your own time. Life in Ghana goes at a completely different pace than what you are used to in the West. The first weeks you will get a lot of new impressions and you will be busy slowing down.