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Patricia Zoer, Ghana coach

If in any doubt, please feel free to contact me!

There is an enormous diversity in the clients that I am honoured to guide and help. They range from corporate executives, to NGO’s, students and volunteers.
This diversity and the fact that I am able to help a lot of people in Ghana make my work as a Ghana coach very interesting and varied.

Are you not sure if I can help you, your company or your organisation? Please feel free to contact me. You can do this by email, Whatsapp or make an appointment.

I am happy to help you and if your needs and my expertise don’t match, that’s fine too.


ʺDe guidance and introduction by Patricia was very nice. Before I came to Ghana to volunteer, I called Pat several times to get to know each other and to discuss the necessary details about the trip. Pat was always available if I had any questions about the trip, visa, volunteering, vaccinations etc. In fact, I could go to her with all my questions.  I really enjoyed talking to her beforehand, so that I knew where I was going to end up. The contact was very pleasant and it felt good right away.”

Irene de Vries