Patricia Zoer

Do you have plans to travel, work or live in Ghana? As a Ghana specialist I will help you prepare by means of an E-workbook and I will support you during this adventure!

Why I started as a Ghana coach

I am an idealist, as was already apparent when I used to support the underdog as a young girl. My dream was to help people. Preferably in Africa… That’s what I adapted my choices to. Unfortunately, my choice of education was not the right one, but after I finished my studies, I ended up in Africa, in Ghana. I worked as a volunteer for 6 months, after many years I realised that I only helped a few ‘poor’ people. Read more about this realisation here.
But during my work as a hostess and manager of Moon&Star guesthouse, I was able to help many people in different ways. I am the listener for volunteers, students, expats and other guests, I am also the one who gives them a boost where needed, I am the one who comforts them, cares for them in case of illness and I am the one who shows them the way in Ghana, not only literally but also in terms of customs and Ghanaian values. Furthermore, I help them to reflect, which gives them more insight into themselves or the projects they support here in Ghana. I am now 40 and dare to say that I have been able to help many people and this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work. Hence my choice for professionalisation of Ghana coach.

Can I help you on your way in Ghana?



My personal convictions


I try to live and work as sustainably as possible. I’m not just talking about solar energy, water consumption and separated waste. But also about using local transport, buying locally, importing as little as possible, advising against collecting products such as clothes, balloons and the like and bringing them to Ghana.
For Moon&Star guesthouse I wrote a blog about what to bring to Ghana.


Westerners do not need to come and tell the Ghanaians what they need. I work with the local authorities and listen to their vision and ideas, which I then support.
In order to do this successfully, I am very aware of my privileges and consider my prejudices critically.

Explore, experience and learn

To draw conclusions is only human, I do so too. This is why I believe in observing and listening and asking questions. When I help you in Ghana by coaching or guiding, exploring, experiencing, and learning are the main focus.

Back to basic

That feeling when I make jam from fruit grown in my own garden, without jelly sugar and other additives. That feeling when I am hanging in a hammock and watching the stars. Conscious, sustainable living and enjoying that’s what it’s all that matters to me.

Who am I?

I am Pat, 42 years old, single mother of 2 children, Tetey and Lucy. I live in Ghana for ten years now where I run Moon&Star guesthouse.

I have a lot of determination, I am stubborn, I still keep working on my patience, I am very optimistic, once a month I am a little less nice, I am creative in the kitchen, I like to write and I have the ‘I think I can do it so I’ll do it’ mentality.

The latter helps enormously in all aspects of my life. Tiling, gardening, clogged sinks, broken sockets, creating websites… Bring it on! Fortunately, I have learned to recognise my limits and to ask for help when necessary.