What you need to know when travelling to gHANA



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A unique workbook that prepares you well for your Ghana travels

As Ghana coach and hostess at Moon&Star guesthouse, I am the one who listens to volunteers, students, expats and other guests. I give them a boost where necessary, I comfort them, care for them in case of illness. Besides all this I show them around Ghana, not only literally but also in terms of customs and Ghanaian values.

Furthermore, I help them to reflect, which gives them more insight into themselves or the projects they support here in Ghana.

And suddenly I realised that there are so many people who want to come to Ghana. People who want to travel, work or live here. 

People who want to convert their good intentions into positive impact in a sustainable way. People who want to prepare themselves well, so that integration is much easier when the Ghana adventure begins.

Ghana expat coach

People who already want to know a little about the ins and outs of Ghana so that their journey will have a lot more depth. I can help with that! With a valuable workbook that prepares you well for your trip to Ghana.


I am happy to be your Ghana guide, also online!

After completing this preparatory program, what results can you expect?

  • You know all about vaccinations and flights
  • You know how to behave on social occasions
  • You know what you do and don’t have to take with you
  • You know how to apply for a visa
  • You have insight into the culture
  • You know what is and what is not appropriate in Ghana
  • You have your understanding of stereotypes and assumptions
  • You know how to cooperate well and equally with Ghanaians
  • You know how to travel in Ghana
  • You know what you can and cannot eat safely


This training was made by someone who has 20 years of Ghana experience, who has made many mistakes and blunders and who is still developing.

I still learn every day and what I learn I share with you. So that you don’t have to invent the wheel and don’t make the mistakes I made. Don’t get the annoyances I got.

And above all that you get the chance to have a great and equal experience in Ghana without hindrance.
You get the chance to make a real impact, to immediately convert your good intentions into good results!

I understand you as a Westerner, but I also have sufficient knowledge of the Ghanaian culture to be able to provide you with good advice.



Ghana preparation program workbook

What you need to know before travelling to Ghana

A workbook of more than 60 pages in PDF that consists of several parts;

  • Practical preparation
  • Ghanaian customs
  • Interesting facts
  • Social media training
  • Tips & tricks
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes

Depending on the component, the workbook contains checklists, questions and space for notes and reflection.

An important part of this training is to understand your own assumptions, so that there is room to deepen your Ghana experience during your trip.

Ghana preparation program workbook

This unique preparation program is for you for just €17.50!

Do you have plans to come to Ghana and do you want to be well prepared, make your trip more sustainable or have more positive impact during your stay?

When you order the book you will receive an invoice with a payment request within 24 hours. When this has been fulfilled I will send you a download link for the workbook.

Payments can be made via banktransfer, Paypal and MTN Mobile money

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When you order the workbook ‘What you need to know when travelling to Ghana’ you will receive a free overnight stay at Moon&Star guesthouse for 2 persons worth €25,=! 




Ghana expat coach

online coaching

Would you like to receive personal online coaching with the book?
This means that you have 2 online appointments (one hour each) with me. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary for one month. The total investment is €47.=