coaching and guidance in Ghana

I help you to achieve your goal in a sustainable and equal way while experiencing Ghana.

How can I help you or your organisation in Ghana?

Patricia Zoer, Ghana coach

Guidance in Ghana

Making a positive impact, which is what you want as a (voluntary) worker or organisation in Ghana. I can help you integrate faster and better, I teach you the do’s and don’ts and I am there for you when you need help, or when you want to brainstorm with someone who knows Ghana quite well.

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Coaching in Ghana

Ghana can be the perfect destination for your gap year or sabbatical. But when you really want to get back in touch with yourself or make choices, you need more than just a change of scenery. Explore yourself and Ghana with me!

effective preparation for Ghana travels

All you need to know when travelling to Ghana

Do you have plans to come to Ghana and do you want to be well prepared, make your trip more sustainable or have more positive impact during your stay?

Gap year with a plan!

Come and volunteer for 4 to 12 weeks at Moon&Star guesthouse where you will receive personal guidance from Patricia and at the same time Jacqueline, an excellent career and student counselor, will help you to plan your future online. A unique collaboration where Jacqueline and Patricia help you on your way to a wonderful future!
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20 years of Ghana Experience

focus on sustainability

personal coaching in Ghana

Experiencing is key

Why would you contact me?

With my 20 years of Ghana experience, my work as a manager in both the Netherlands and Ghana, my empathy and coaching skills and my solution-oriented attitude, I am the logical choice to help or guide you in Ghana.
In the summary you can see a number of examples with which I can help you. Are you not sure if I can help you or your organisation in Ghana? Feel free to send me a message or make an appointment!


You have a gap year and you want to travel to Ghana

During your stay in Ghana you want to experience, learn and be part of a community that is different from yours. You also want to reflect, gain insights and make choices.  I am happy to help you! If desired, in cooperation with a student counsellor. Read more about the unique collaboration with Jacqueline Naaborg!

You are volunteering in Ghana

You would like to do something good in Ghana, but you have been reading up on it and you do not want to be the white savior. You also realize that volunteering mainly enriches YOUR life. I can help you to turn your good intentions into positive impact.

You are spending your sabbatical in Ghana

You want to get away for a while. You are a bit stuck in patterns. You don’t like your work very much anymore. You are tired. You feel you have to take a break. But you know that just changing your surroundings, no matter how beautiful those new surroundings may be, is not going to help you gain new insights. I will help you with reflection and getting new insights.


Sending Western staff and volunteers to Africa is facing considerable pressure. This is because every year many well-meaning Westerners travel to countries like Ghana, which ultimately have no or negative impact.
This is very unfortunate because it can be prevented with proper preparation, a valuable introduction and good guidance on the spot. I help to achieve the goals in a sustainable and equal way and I am there to support and assist your employees!

Ghana coach

About me

I have been living in Ghana for 11 years where I enjoy running a guesthouse with a social mission. I live on the same property as the guesthouse together with my 2 children of 5 and 7 years old. We live in a lovely quiet place surrounded by beautiful nature and close to a village with great people. 
Do you want to know how I ended up here, what motivates me and what a guesthouse with a social mission is?


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