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Do you have plans to travel, volunteer or live in Ghana? As a Ghana specialist I will help you prepare and guide you during this adventure!

There are many reasons why you can travel to Ghana, think of volunteering, working as a digital nomad, working for a project or NGO, during your gap year or sabbatical or maybe you are finally making that dream trip to Africa!
Whatever your reason for coming to Ghana, if you want to enjoy it to the fullest in a sustainable way, proper preparation is needed.

I am enjoying Ghana to the fullest and I so wish you the same!

My name is Patricia, I have 20 years of experience in Ghana and I am living in Ghana for more than 12 years now. I run a guesthouse with a social mission, work part time at the Banko Women organization and I love to guide and help you in Ghana!



Ghana coach ondernemersreis 2020

Personal approach both online and in Ghana

I often hear from clients and guests that they like it so much that I listen carefully and give very comprehensive explanations and answers. They also tell me that I respond quickly and thoroughly to messages. And this is true, I do indeed.

It is my mission to give you an amazing Ghana experience, so that after your Ghana trip you feel like you have gotten to know the beautiful country, its people and their customs a bit.


20 years of Ghana experience

My first trip to Ghana was in 2001. I stayed for six months as a volunteer. Since then I have returned every year until I settled permanently in 2010.
Over the years I have learned a lot, made mistakes and gained experience.

I am very happy to share my knowledge with other Ghana travellers.


Experiencing Ghana is key

Ghana is known as Africa for beginners. This beautiful African country has little to no incredibly well known tourist attractions. But is so special precisely because you can travel independently, discover beautiful places and be a little part of the community during your stay in Ghana.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is very important to me. I’m not only referring to ecological sustainability, but also social sustainability.
For example, I promote slow travel in Ghana, I buy locally as much as possible and I work together with local leaders.
It is very important that travellers in Ghana make a positive impact and I can help you to achieve that!

How can I help you in Ghana?

Ghana preparation program workbook

E-book get to know Ghana

The best preparation for a stay in Ghana.
The book contains information on practical preparation such as applying for a visa, what to bring and what not to bring to Ghana and what vaccinations do you need. I also talk about the food in Ghana, how to travel in Ghana and about equality.

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Volunteering in Ghana

In collaboration with Banko Women organization and Moon&Star guesthouse, I offer volunteer work in Ghana.
Ghana is a great destination for your gap year or sabbatical!
You can also choose a personal coaching program in combination with volunteer work.

On- and offline custom assistance

Over the years I have helped many people both online and offline with various issues. Think of taking care of volunteers who were sick/unhappy at the place they stayed, back up/contact for both volunteers in Ghana and parents at home and go-between for (construction) projects.

“Patricia as a Ghana coach is the person you need to make your stay in Ghana enjoyable.
Well, it is to say, it can also be done alone, but the valuable thing about Pat is that she has been living in Ghana for a long time and knows both the Dutch and the Ghanaian reality and way of thinking. Therefore, she is a kind of a bridge that is useful for people who live in Ghana or stay longer.
Instead of having to figure everything out yourself, you skip some steps by having her as your Ghana coach. Super helpful! She is good at explaining Ghanaian culture and offering deeper insight that makes you look at situations differently.
What I really appreciate is that she doesn’t give advice right away but first listens to what’s going on with you and wants to get an understanding of the situation first. She really takes you under her wing and is caring. Which makes you feel like you don’t have to do it alone.
I have traveled a lot and lived in different countries and my father is Ghanaian, but growing up in Belgium I also have a lot of questions now that I live here in Ghana. Patricia is always available, understands well how you can deal with different situations and can therefore give coaching and advice that makes you understand and put things in perspective and makes you feel at ease with everything you encounter here in Ghana.”

Ama Boakye

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Volunteer Cecilia with Doris, Patricia and Comfort at Banko Women center in Ghana

Helping in Ghana at a local project that’s effective!

As you may know I am committed to a women’s center in the Ghanaian village where I live. Very soon we will start fundraising for the next project and I can really use your help and energy!

Pat in haar tuin in Ghana

What’s so special about Ghana, Pat?

What is so special about Ghana is a question I am often asked. And the answer is not that simple, but the love for this African country started from the first day I was here.

we mostly use local transport durin the experience Ghana tour

Is Ghana a safe place and 4 other frequently asked questions answered

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