Practical Ghana guidance

You will come to Ghana for a longer period of time

As a Ghana expert I assist you before departure and during your stay

You will come to this beautiful country in Africa for a longer period of time for a project, for love or because you want to see if you want to live here. Or you decided to live or work in Ghana. So exciting, but it’s a big step. 

You have many questions and trying to find the answers. As a Ghana expert, I am happy to assist you.


  • You travel alone and would like it if there is someone on site who can answer your questions
  • Your son or daughter is going to volunteer in Africa and as a parent you like that there is someone who can help your child in case of problems or illness
  • You are in love with this beautiful country or with a Ghanaian and you want to see if you could settle here
  • You have moved and you want advice about the country and the people, to speed up the integration
  • You work in Ghana and you want to integrate better so that you are more productive
  • You’re building a house and you need advice
  • You are setting up a project and want assistance
  • You have a (volunteer) organization in Ghana and you want guidance for the volunteers or employees
Praktische Ghana begeleiding

Hi, I’m Patricia


In the photo I am standing on top of a mountain that I climb very regularly. Sometimes that climb comes very easily to me and other times I can use some encouragement.

It will be the same during your adventure. There will be times when it is more difficult for you, times when you could use some help and encouragement.

I know you can do a lot yourself and that Google is there to help you, or do you like to consult Facebook groups?
But how do you always know what to search for in Google and how do you filter the right answer from the responses to your question in a Facebook group?

I take the time to get to know you, I listen and ask questions so I am aware of your goal or desire. Thanks to my experience and knowledge of this beautiful country in Africa, my empathy and solution-oriented work style, I can give you the right advice or boost.

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“As Ghana coach, Patricia is the person you need to make your stay in Ghana pleasant.
Well, it can be said, it is also possible alone, but the valuable thing about Pat is that she has been living in Ghana for a long time and knows both the Western and the Ghanaian reality and way of thinking. Therefore, it is a kind of bridge that is useful for people who live in Ghana or stay longer.
Instead of having to figure everything out yourself, you skip a few steps by having her as Ghana coach. Super handy! She is good at explaining Ghanaian culture and offering deeper insight, which makes you look at situations differently.
What I really appreciate is that she does not immediately give advice but first listens to what is going on with you and first wants to understand the situation. She really takes you under her wing and is caring. Which makes you feel like you don’t have to do/figure it out on your own.
I have already traveled a lot and lived in different countries and my father is Ghanaian, but growing up in Belgium there are sometimes a lot of question marks for me now that I live here in Ghana. Patricia is always available, understands well how to deal with different situations and can therefore give coaching and advice that makes you understand and put things into perspective and gives you a sense of everything you encounter here in Ghana.

Ama Boakye


Why is guidance needed?


Of course, you can figure everything out on your own! That’s what I ended up doing. In retrospect, though, I did make quite a few (cultural) flips for years and had annoyances that were completely unnecessary.
When you start working with me, you get the chance to learn from my mistakes!

In addition, your stay here is not only going to be smoother, you are also going to be much more respectful socially. And when you come to work in this country you are going to make much more impact because I will teach you how to work best.


A small example

In Ghana it is ‘not done’ to go to work with your flip flops. The reason is that flip flops are used in the shower and the shower is often also the urinal in the house. The slippers are also called bathroom sandals here and when a volunteer or student knows the story behind it, this mistake is no longer made.
I, as a Dutch, understand why a taveler likes to wear the flip flops always. But thanks to my knowledge of the Ghanaian culture, I also know when flip flops are not appropriate. This is just one of many examples.


As your guide, I have an advisory role that I take very seriously. I enjoy life here immensely and I would like you to have the same. In addition, I am aware of what you can and cannot do. I have considerable comprehension of the Ghanaian culture but I also understand you. This allows me to be a bridge between the West and Ghana.
When you choose to work with me I will not do the work for you. But I will support you and help where I can, so you are not alone!


What kind of guidance do I offer and for whom is it?

  • Single consultation of up to 45 minutes: During this consultation, which can be booked separately from a program, I will take up to 45 minutes to answer your questions about Ghana or your project and give you advice on how to proceed. 
    Click here to book a consultation. €20,00 per consultation 
  • Your safety net in Ghana: You travel to this beautiful country and find that quite exciting. Or your parents find it quite exciting.
    You can contact me when you need advice, or in case of problems or illness.
    €47,50 per month
  • Advice on projects: You have plans to set up or build something. Or you’re already busy. You have many questions and there are obstacles in the way. I advice and assist you where I can.
    €99,00 per month
  • 3 months of online advice and a 4 day VIP program: You have plans to move, or you are setting up a project. You come to Moon & Star guesthouse for 4 days where you will enjoy excursions, rest and delicious food. In addition, we have In addition, we have daily in-person counseling sessions. And you will receive 3 months of online guidance!
    €495,00 for 3 months

This is what others say about the practical guidance in Ghana that I offer

"When our son went to Ghana after a difficult and lonely Corona time, we as parents needed a back-up.
We had a skype conversation with Patricia, which gave us a warm and good feeling.
If our son is looking for a nice place where there is company, Patricia could offer this.
Even though he never travelled to Moon&Star Guesthouse, she was able to offer him a helping hand.
In the first weeks he spent alone in Accra, he was searching and needed someone who could guide him through this new environment.
The son of a friend of Patricia's was willing to go out with him for a day.
They had a nice click, he told a lot about Ghana and showed the nice places of Accra.
This was a great start to be able to continue independently.
In the end, this was much more fun than going out with a guide and we are grateful to Patricia and her network for this creative solution.
It was very uncomplicated and effortless.
This way more people could meet each other and I certainly believe that the door at Patricia is open to everyone."
Dieneke Smit

ʺThe guidance and introduction of Patricia I really liked. Before I came to Ghana to do volunteer work, I called Patries a number of times to get to know each other and to discuss the necessary information about the trip. Patries was always ready if I had questions about, the trip, visa, volunteer work, vaccinations etc. With basically all the questions I could go to her.  I myself thought it was very nice to have spoken to her in advance, so that I knew where I ended up. The contact went very smoothly and it immediately felt good.

2.5 weeks before I came to Ghana, the preparation program started. Every day a question about how I thought about a certain subject, such as taking pictures, clothes, traffic, bringing things, etc. But above all, getting to know each other and preparing yourself for the cultural differences that await you in Ghana. You will get quite a few impressions and it is very nice to know or have discussed a few things about this. Also during the stay Patries is always ready to answer questions or clarify the customs of Ghana.ˮ

Irene de Vries

praktische bouw begeleiding in Ghana

I supervise the construction project of mr. Blanchinet

"We discovered Madame Patricia ZOER's services after having lost 3 years with another service provider. (Slow work, opaque and difficult communication, despite constant financial support).
We have now been working with Madame Patricia ZOER for more than 2 years. Beyond offering a rigorous and documented service (regular updates on the progress of the work with supporting photos, anticipation of potential issues and difficulties, adaptability of the progress according to the funds), she is a real ally who helps us and allows us to have an initial contact with our future neighbours. In addition, it offers quality accommodation, which favours
our integration into the region,
In other words, we can only recommend her services as this meeting and collaboration has changed our experience of Ghana."

Daniel Blanchinet

Do you have an organization or company in Ghana and do you want to know if I can guide your people?

I can’t help when you or your organization has arranged everything down to the last detail. When you as an organization are never at a loss for words because communication is hard with Ghana. When all participants and projects are always 100% satisfied with the collaboration.

I can help you with great pleasure if you are in favor of sustainability. When your organization wants to get the most out of the experience, for the participants and for the people on the projects. When you are not in Ghana and the participants here and you no longer want to have any worries at a distance.

I would love to assist you!