Volunteering in Ghana preparation package


This package contains 2 elements:
The Experience Africa online course “More joy and impact while volunteering in Africa”:

We are Dilo (Malawi) and Patricia (Ghana) and we have hugged lions and rescued poor people.
During our first trips to African countries, we knew nothing about white rescuers and lion farms. We absolutely did not realize that we were actually doing harm instead of good.

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge, but we also understand you as a volunteer very well.

We like to share our knowledge so that you will have a great time as a volunteer abroad. And in the process you will also have a positive impact.

The package also contains the following E book:

Get to know Ghana E book

I have compiled my 20 years of Ghana knowledge and experience and created a valuable E-book that will help you prepare for your trip to Ghana! You can learn and enjoy from the mistakes I made, from my glitches.

I provide information about practical preparations such as applying for a visa, what to bring to Ghana and which vaccinations you need. I tell you about the food in Ghana and about equality. As you may have noticed it is a workbook, it contains assignments and quiz questions that you can work with.

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