How can I assist you in Ghana?

How can I assist you in Ghana?

There are a number of different things I can help you with. 

I can help you prepare for your trip to Ghana with my E book, you can come and do volunteer work. I can coach you during a personal coaching program during your sabbatical or gap year in Ghana.
But I can also guide you practically, both online and offline before you leave for Ghana or when you are already here.

But aren’t coaching and guiding the same?


No, they are not!
When you are in a coaching program I coach you towards your personal goal. We start with making a plan together, you do a personality test. And together we work towards your goal through coaching conversations, assignments etc.

Guidance in Ghana is a very broad concept. Most of the people I guide are busy setting up a project in Ghana, have moved to Ghana or I serve as a safety net for volunteers working elsewhere in Ghana. I am the person you can turn to in case of illness, problems, homesickness or a disappointing project. I have noticed that this is also a reassurance for the parents of volunteers and students in Ghana. When I guide you, you are not alone. I am, as it were, a bridge between the West and Ghana. I understand you, but also the Ghanaian culture.

Would you like to see how I can help you here? Just schedule a free Zoom consultation via the button!

E book 'Get to know Ghana'

The best preparation for a stay in Ghana. The book contains information on practical preparation such as applying for a visa, what to bring and what not to bring to Ghana and what vaccinations do you need. I also tell you about the food in Ghana, how to travel in Ghana and about equality.

get to know Ghana E book
persoonlijk coachingstraject

Personal coachingsprogram

You are ready for a change of environment, but also of behavior, study or career. 
Taking a break in a beautiful environment can be wonderful. 
But even more so when you can work together with someone on that change in your life.

selfie of volunteer Cecilia on our way to BWC

small scale Volunteering in GHana

In collaboration with Banko Women organization and Moon&Star guesthouse, I offer volunteer work in Ghana.
Ghana is a top destination for your gap year or sabbatical!
You can also choose for a coaching program in combination with the volunteer work.

Practical guidance

Over the years I have helped many people both online and offline with various issues. Think of taking care of volunteers who were sick/unhappy at the place they were at, back up/contact person for both volunteers in Ghana and parents at home and go-between for (construction) projects.

tussenjaar met een plan

Gapyear with purpose!

A unique and successful collaboration with study counselor Jacqueline Naaborg. Patricia will be present during your stay in Ghana as your coach, support and anchor. Jacqueline maintains online contact with you and guides you in your search for a suitable study career.
Find your path with our help during your gap year in beautiful Ghana!