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Personal coaching in Ghana 

You are stuck in a situation or behaviour and you need some time away for yourself!


There are countless reasons why you want to go on a sabbatical, take a gap year or simply get away from it for a while. A common factor of most reasons is that you are not happy, with yourself, with your situation, with your work, with your environment or with your behaviour. Changing your surroundings for a while, so that you can reconnect with yourself and escape from the current circumstances, can be very healing. But when you really want to get back in touch with yourself or want to make choices, you need more than just a change of environment.
I am happy to coach and guide you in beautiful Ghana!

You need a break because

  • you are not happy with your current employment
  • you are wondering if this is all life has in store for you
  • you live a stressful life
  • you feel like you always have to do a lot 
  • you are always busy on your phone
  • you wish to go back to basics for a while
  • you don’t remember what makes you happy

I am happy to work with you in Ghana!


Change of environment combined with coaching


Perhaps you have already considered various programs and destinations in your search for an suitable way to fill in your sabbatical or gap year. But what do you choose? All alone for a certain period of time in a strange country where you don’t know anyone?




When you choose to be coached by me in Ghana, Moon&Star guesthouse is our home base.

Ghana, and more specifically the village of Banko where Moon&Star guesthouse is located, is the ideal place to unwind. The village is situated between beautiful mountains and you can hike here for hours.

Moon&Star guesthouse is a small scale guesthouse with a social mission. It is very spacious and is the ideal place to go back to basics. The team is super friendly and will be happy to tell you more about the culture, the village and the surroundings. They also like hanging out with you.

I live on the same premises and even when we don’t have a coaching meeting planned, you can always turn to me.


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When you are interested, we will schedule an online meeting. We will check if there is a mutual connection and if we both have faith that my coaching in Ghana can benefit you. 

When we are both convinced, we will make a tailor made plan for you. We will see in which areas you need coaching and what you can do while you are in Ghana. A variety of activities are possible. You could do (voluntary) work in Banko, but you can also choose to improve your English, do gardening, walk a lot with the dogs. Or learn how to cook without packages and cans. If you would like to join me during sports or yoga, you are very welcome!

Read more about the activities that you can undertake during your sabbatical or gapyear in Ghana

Of course there is also time to explore Ghana, make trips or join us to church and other social activities. The people of Ghana and Banko are very hospitable. The length of your stay depends on your available time, but if you really want to make a difference, I advise you to come for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. 

Gap year with a plan!

If you want extra guidance during your time in Ghana regarding your career or choice of study, this is possible. Coach in Ghana offers a unique collaboration with Jacqueline Naaborg. She is an online study counsellor and applied psychologist.

Read more about Gap year with a plan or send an e-mail.

The coach in Ghana program is not suitable for everyone

I offer personal coaching in an area where you need it. This coaching program is not age specific. The coaching program that we are initiating together is a commitment from both sides. I’m straightforward and experience has shown that participants sometimes need a nudge and sometimes someone who confronts you.
When you take part, I expect you to be fully committed to achieving the intended change or the intended goal, and that’s what I do as well.
If you want to get away from it all for a while and want to do what you want when you want to, it is better to come on holiday to Ghana.

How much does it cost?

For a personal coaching program of 4 weeks including airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, accommodation and meals I charge €899,-. For every week you want to stay longer there is an additional charge of €85,-.

After your Ghana experience:


  • You’ll have more self knowledge
  • You’ll know what you want and don’t want from life
  • You’ve developped your social skills
  • Your English is improved, when you aren’t a native or fluent English speaker
  • you’ll experience inner peace
  • You no longer have the constant urge to pick up your phone
  • You have had a great time in Ghana
  • You’ll have the tools to maintain this mindset in your normal environment

Assistance/guidance with preparation and visa application, personal preparation program, airport service, overnight stay in Accra, Ghanaian sim card, trip to Banko, participation in the experience Ghana program, private room with bathroom, 3 meals a day and coaching by me.

Flight ticket, visa costs, insurance, transport costs to excursions, entrance fees for sightseeing, food outside the guesthouse, the journey back to Accra.


Mix new experiences with breaking patterns and personal development in Ghana!

Patricia, Ghana coach in deuropening

Who is your coach in Ghana?

Idealist, stubborn, helpful, caring, direct, no nonsense, optimist. These words describe me. I have been living in Ghana for 10 years now, where life is never boring. Partly thanks to my resilience and perseverance I am where I am today. Life has taught me many lessons and one of them is that it is good to ask for help.
Because of my background as personnel manager, my empathy and my 10 years of experience in coaching volunteers in Ghana, I am the right person to coach you during your ‘break’.

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A super nice place in Ghana to escape the big cities for a while. Very good food. Lovely people who work there. Patricia is a super-host. She also gives good tips about activities and helps you on your path where needed.
Definitely a recommendable experience!


I stayed at Moon and Star for 2.5 months. I felt very comfortable there. Pat is a super sweet woman who is always there for you! Not only is she there for you but she also cooks delicious, together with her staff they are a top team!  I felt very much at home! I came to Banko on my own, but I never felt alone. I look back on 2,5 wonderful months so I would definitely recommend a stay at Moon and Star! Banko is a nice village with sweet people who are all interested in what you come to do!