I want to experience what life is like in Ghana! A wonderful reason to come and volunteer in Ghana! You can already see it coming…. As beautiful as this reason is, it often goes ‘wrong’. I’m going to share in this article what I mean by this. But first I’m going to emphasize once again that I don’t want to discourage anyone from coming to Ghana! In contrary!!!! I would like everyone to come and discover Ghana.

But not to save Ghana…… To enjoy everything Ghana has to offer! Want to read what Ghana has to offer? Click here!

How can volunteering in Africa go wrong when the reason for coming is so good?

The food is dirty is a statement I have heard more than once from volunteers who stayed with a host family. It’s too hot, it’s too dusty, life is slow…..
These statements have a few things in common.
1. The volunteers who have said this have all said that they want to experience life in Ghana.
2. The volunteers made these statements during their first week in Ghana.
The statements are judgments, conclusions.

The good news is that many volunteers in Ghana eventually change their mind.

I get very happy when volunteers eventually adjust their opinions, judgment or conclusion. And fortunately, that happens very often. Those ‘crazy or dirty’ dough balls are eventually ordered into restaurants by the same volunteer who claimed it was dirty. The hot weather and the slower pace are missed when one is back in Europe and that dust, that becomes the charm of Africa.

How a mobile phone can stop you from experiencing life in Ghana

I want to experience life in Ghana….. And in the meantime, you’re sitting on your phone watching what parties you’re missing. Are you constantly video-calling people from home and telling you a hundred about life here in Ghana. But do you have time to experience life in Ghana? I know better than anyone how tempting the phone is and how much fun it is to take a look at this and check out Instagram… Unfortunately, I see many people who are left in the west by their mobile phone with 1 leg and are in Ghana with one leg. How can you experience life in Ghana?

My tip for you when you really want to experience Ghana or any other country in Africa

Volunteering in Africa is for yourself, it’s to give yourself the chance to learn, to experience and to enjoy in a culture that is different from yours. When you know that and realize it and when this is ok for you. Then a world opens up for you! Promised!

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Can I help you prepare for your Ghana adventure?

I want to ensure that you come up with a mindset that allows you to enjoy, experience, experience and learn in Gha
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