Hi, welcome to Ghanacoach.nl’s very first blog. My name is Patricia Zoer and I want to use this article to explain why I chose to professionalize Ghana coach. I do this on the basis of 6 why questions that have been asked. Of course you can already find a lot of information on the website, but I think it is important to give you a glimpse into my vision towards Ghana coach.

Why did I start with Ghana coach?

I first came to Ghana 20 years ago when I volunteered for 6 months. I thought I was going to help poor people in Africa. In the end I mainly filled my own backpack with souvenirs and knowledge. The volunteer project was expensive, but certainly not sustainable. When I started Moon&Star guesthouse, I also started hosting volunteers. I thought I could do better and cheaper. Maybe it was better and cheaper, but it still wasn’t very sustainable.

Good intentions don’t always give a positive result

In Ghana there is a pretty big volunteer market and I saw more and more projects that mean well, have nice intentions, but which end up having negative impact. There are many factors that play a role in this and I can’t name them all in this blog because then it will be a very long article. But a few factors are sustainability, lack of self-reliance on projects and not listening to local leaders.

A few years ago, my Ghanaian business partner and I took a critical look at Moon&Star guesthouse’s volunteering policy and a new approach has emerged from there. Soon after, I started helping other Western volunteers and Western staff in Ghana who came to Moon&Star guesthouse to relax. Thus came the first idea of Ghana expat coach, an extra service on the website of Moon&Star guesthouse.

Coach in Ghana, why now?

Between 2014 and 2018 I was swallowed up by motherhood and was mainly busy holding all the balls high. I worked, but a lot of time and space for myself and my development was not there. When the youngest turned 2, that started to change. The hormones disappeared from my body and there was time for me and the things I liked and liked.

Becoming a mother has made me a little more relaxed. I started working with myself on a spiritual level, but also knowledge oriented. And now there’s a top team in the guesthouse, the kids normally go to school so there’s time, and I now, at 40 years old, not only have the knowledge I need, I also have enough confidence to coach Ghana.

Patricia, Ghana coach in doorway

Why I called myself Ghana coach

This is a very good question…. I actually hate the word coach. I started out even worse in my own vision as a Ghana expat coach. I also have something against the word expat. In the end, it became a coach because that word best covers the load.

I support, I think along, I listen, I guide, I have knowledge that I share…. I am a coach in Ghana

Why is there a need for Ghana coach?

There are several reasons why a Ghana coach is needed. As has been said, there are many projects in Ghana with good intentions that are ultimately not fulfilled. I can help.

There is still a stereotype of Africa and therefore of Ghana, an image that is too often underlined by travellers and volunteers and what they post on social media.

Western travelers posing as something they are not to then access places where they do not belong. In short, it seems that many travellers in Ghana are doing things that they would not get in their heads in the west.
This starts with something as simple as with a cute African baby, that you don’t know, to take the picture and post this picture on social media. This is not allowed in Europe, so why should we do it here? As long as this happens, we also need a counter-movement.

Sometimes the language stands in the way of good cooperation

In many projects, local leaders are not listened to enough, so projects are doomed to fail. This is sometimes down to the Western people who tend to bring their way to Ghana. But it is also often down to the way we communicate. Ghanaians who say no very difficult and who may be grateful that the project has chosen their community. But also a language barrier can be a cause, because of the different English accents. I can help in 2 ways, I can be a bridge in the communication between the two parties and I can help the Western staff or volunteers to integrate faster and better. This also teaches you to read between the lines as a Western person in Ghana.

In this video I explain what my work as a Ghana coach means. Sorry the video is in Dutch but you can activate the automatic subtitles.

Why am I the right person to be coach in Ghana?

I can help you on your way in Ghana because of my experience.

Guidance in Ghana for expats, staff and volunteers:

I’ve made almost all the mistakes myself, but I’ve learned. What mistakes do you think maybe…. Well here comes a row…. For a long time I was completely unaware of the impact that white privilege has. I was a white savior. I took pictures I didn’t have to take. I pushed my opinion through it because I knew better.

Coach in Ghana | Gap year with a plan!

Life experience, experience as a store manager, drugstore and has been hosting for all kinds of travellers for 10 years now. In addition, I am an expert in many fields. I’m good at listening, I’m there to fall back on, I’m there to give you a move when needed and am the mirror that everyone needs sometimes.

Everything you need to know when travelling to Ghana E book

I have lived and traveled around Ghana for 20 years, I still enjoy every palm tree and lizard I see. I stand for sustainability and equality. This mixed with my enthusiasm and practical knowledge about this country made me the best person to write this book that will help you to prepare for you Ghana adventure!

Why do I offer 3 different services as a coach in Ghana?

When I decided to create a full website for Ghana coach I started to take stock of what I do next, but also during my work as a hostess at Moon&Star guesthouse. That turned out to be quite a lot when I wrote it all dow
n. After that I started to think about what I prefer to do and those are the services I offer on Ghanacoach.nl. Because when I call myself a coach, I want to help you with great pleasure, enthusiasm on the road in Ghana.


There is a huge diversity in customers that I am able to help. From business people to students and volunteers and schools and churches. That diversity and the fact that I get to help a lot of people on their way in Ghana make my work as a Ghana coach very varied and enjoyable. Not sure if I can help you, your company or your organisation?
Please contact me without obligation. This can be done via email, Whats app or make a non-committal appointment. I am happy to help you and if your wishes and my expertise have no connection then that is also fine.

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