As you may know, we offer volunteer work in Ghana through Moon&Star guesthouse. And you are certainly welcome to join us during your gap year or sabbatical. What do you get extra when you participate in the coach in Ghana program during your gap year in Ghana? I tell you more in this blog.

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Spend your gap year or sabbatical in Ghana

Ghana is a top destination for holidays, for digital nomads and also to stay for a long time during your gap year or sabbatical. Beautiful nature, great people and very good to travel.
I have been mentoring volunteers who come to Banko in Ghana for over 10 years and I love doing it! During your gap year in Ghana I also like to guide you! In this article, I will tell you more about the practical side of your gap year in Ghana. If something is not clear after reading, please let me know in the comments, or send a message!

What do I get when I spend my gap year in Ghana through Ghana coach?

Help/guidance with the preparations and visa application, personal, airport service, overnight stay in Accra, Ghanaian sim card, trip to Banko, private room with bathroom, 3 meals per day, and coaching/guidance by me. Furthermore, together we make a tailor-made program with activities and I give tips&tricks on exploring the rest of Ghana and our surroundings. You will also receive the workbook ‘What you need to know when travelling to Ghana’ and will take part in an online course about sustainable volunteering which is a thorough preparation for your trip to Ghana.

Airfare, visa fees, insurance, transport costs to excursions, entrance fee for attractions, food and drinks outside the guesthouse, the trip back to Accra

What are the costs for this ‘coach in Ghana’ program?

For the above complete program of 4 weeks incl airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, stay and meals you pay €799,-. For every week you want to stay longer, €85,- is added. The ideal length of stay is about 10 weeks, experience shows. Some people then add 2 weeks for travel.

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Sounds nice, a longer stay in Ghana, but what can I do?

As written, together we make a tailor-made program that matches your wishes. This program ensures that you depilate, and experience Ghana in a way that suits you.
Below is a list of possible activities:

  • Helping with the new Women empowerment project. Read more
  • Fundraising for the Women empowerment project, for example by applying for grants
  • Gardening/farming
  • Hiking/ mountain climbing
  • Improving your cooking skills
  • Watching a local school
  • Helping in the children’s home, for example by selling bread
  • Improving the English language
  • Sports/ yoga with team Moon&Star or football/training in Banko

Are my days completely full?

How full your days also depend on yourself as you have your own input in making the program. You’re going to unwind compared to your life in Europe anyway. Life in a village in Ghana is slower and that is quite a bit of getting used to for many people who come to Ghana for a gap year or sabbatical.
But as soon as you let go of that feeling of always having to do something… Then you notice that the days do not have to be full to have a valuable gap year in Ghana.

Do I get full guidance?

I’ll guide you through your gap year program in Ghana. Exactly what that guidance will look like depends on whether you have certain goals that you want to work on. Suppose you want to learn a healthier lifestyle, or you want to spend less time on your mobile phone, then I like to coach you.
If you mainly want to have a carefree time in Ghana and do not work so much on goals, then my guidance will be more practical in nature.
However, my guidance doesn’t mean I’m going to take you by hand. I also expect a degree of independence.

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