Gap year with purpose

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Gap year with purpose in Ghana!

It sounds great to take a year off after high school, doesn’t it? Having time to discover your talents, your needs and exploring what to do in future. Gaining work experience or to go on an adventure. Meeting new people and immersing yourself in a different culture. Or maybe you want to improve your English or Twi. What if I told you you can do all during your gap year in Ghana?

A  gap year with purpose!

You are considering a gap year because 

  • You don’t know which college to choose 
  • You don’t know if you want to go to university
  • You had a tough time and need a break
  • You have no idea which career to pursue
  • You don’t know your talents
  • You are discovering yourself and your interests


A lot of good reasons to opt for a gap year, but a gap year with purpose!


Out of your comfortzone for a while, but you are not alone!


For a long time you wanted to travel to Africa. It’s exciting and a bit scary to be away from home in an unfamiliar country. But you feel that this is the time to go. Break free from your surrounding and getting in touch with yourself. 


You are looking for adventure in a nice atmosphere and surrounded by nice people you can rely on. Time to discover and reflect on who you really are. You would like to be able to mention your skills and talents. You want clarity on what your options and choices are when it comes to your choice of studies and your career. 
You want professional guidance during this period in Ghana. 

A gap year in Ghana is not for everyone!

What we offer is not a one size fits all solution. We can help 17 to 25 year-olds who are willing to commit to theirselves and to us. You are curious to what Ghana has in store for you. You are open to the chance of learning about a different culture than your own.

You are willing to spend at least 4 weeks and 12 weeks at the most at Moon&Star guesthouse for our ‘Experience Ghana’ program. 

Your personal development program

When you are interested in joining the Gap year with purpose-program you can schedule an initial Skype meeting with Patricia Zoer. You will discuss if this program is suitable for your situation. Patricia is Ghana expert and the owner of Moon&Star guesthouse, the place where you’ll be staying during your gap year in Ghana.

The next step will be an online meeting with Jacqueline Naaborg. She is an online student counsellor and applied psychologist. Once you are aclimated in Ghana, you will receive an online questionnaire leading to your personal behavioural analysis. This analysis will, among other things, give insight into your personal characteristics, qualities and talents. Based on this, you’ll have several coaching sessions with Jacqueline. She will give you various assignments so that you will get more and more clarity about the study areas that suit you. 

During your stay in Ghana your personal behavioural analysis and your interests will be the basis of the activities. You will be making new friends, visit projects and immerse yourself in a new Ghanaian lifestyle.

Your investment for an amazing gap year in Ghana

For a personal coaching program of 4 weeks including airport service, transfer to Moon&Star guesthouse, accommodation and meals your investment is €1556,00. For every week you want to stay longer there is an additional charge of €85,-.


After this unique personal development program:

  • You will have more self-understanding and confidence
  • You will have greater insight concerning your characteristics, qualities and talents
  • You improved your social skills
  • Is your English or Twi enhanced
  • You took the first steps into your future
  • It is clear which fields of study and/or work are fitting for you.
  • You are able to make the right decisions
  • You had an incredible experience
  • You will know what to do when returning home


Assistance/guidance during preparation and visa application, personal preparation program, airport service, overnight stay in Accra, Ghanaian sim card, trip to Banko, participation in the experience Ghana program, VIP Study choice program, private room with bathroom, 3 meals a day and coaching by 2 professionals.

Flight ticket, visa costs, insurance, transport costs to excursions, entrance fees for sightseeing, food outside the guesthouse, the journey back to Accra.


Start your gap year with a clear roadmap for your personal exploration!

About us?

Patricia lives in Ghana and Jacqueline lives in the Netherlands. We both have our own company and we know each other through Rimke de Groot’s online marketing academy. Jacqueline has travelled a lot and also did volunteer work, she has also lived abroad for years.

Because of the connection and our common ground, we came up with the idea of collaboration. Patricia will be with you during your stay in Ghana as a coach and advisor. Jacqueline will be in online contact with you and guide you in your search for a suitable study track. Would you like to know more about our background and experience? Click on our photo.


Before I started my study counselling with Jacqueline, I had serious doubts as to which direction I wanted to go in terms of my studies. Jacqueline helped me to get to know myself better, and in this way also brought security. I now have a concrete list of studies that suit me well, with the Liberal Arts and Sciences study at Leiden University College at the top of the list.


I spent a couple of weeks with Patricia at different times last October/September. It was a very nice warm place to stay that made me feel very much at home. Huge peace around you but also a very homely feeling. Nice rooms and delicious food. Really excellent service. You immediately feel at ease. Thank you Patricia , for your hospitality for both times and your care and love!